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WaveCore application development platform

The WaveCore application development platform allows to develop a wide range of embedded media applications in a very efficient and versatile way. The platform consists of the following:

  • FPGA development board. This board contains a Xilinx LX45 FPGA, HDMI video in/output, AC97 analog audio I/O, USB, DDR2 and non-volitile memory.
  • The board is flashed with a comprehensive WaveCore processor system which is audio centric. The package contains the WaveCore system bit-file, which implies that the user is allowed to reflash the board with own application firmware images. The WaveCore system firmware can be reflashed any time (if required)
  • WaveCore DSP software development environment (compiler, simulator and control console)
  • The ability to build your own FPGA based SoC, including a WaveCore FPGA netlist

This WaveCore application development platform is perfectly suited to get the most out of your FPGA (see also white paper "Getting the most out of your FPGA").

Consultancy and services

Mathlon Technology provides consultancy on mapping media processing applications on heterogeneous FPGA platforms, using WaveCore as processor technology added with HDL accellerators and (optionally) GPP. Mathlon Technology can help you getting the most out of an FPGA based system with short development cycles.

WaveKick audio/acoustics development platform

The WaveKick plaftform enables a creative audio developer to design a virtual infinite number of (combinations of) audio/acoustics algorithms:

  • Build stomp-box style guitar effects, plug-in your guitar and route the processed signal to your guitar amp
  • .... or build a versatile sound synthesizer..
  • ...or extract features from your guitar signal to control the synthesizer model
  • Virtual zero processing latency (example: up to 9000 taps FIR @48kHz with negligible latency)
  • Huge performance: WaveCore on the the FPGA board offers sustained 860 MFLOPS real-time. This is equivalent to 18k floating-point operations per sampling period at 48 kHz audio rate
  • Easy and intuitively to program: no classical programming skills required

Check out the product brief "WaveKick audio/acoustics development platform" for the specification and benchmark figures of this platform.

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